Double Dip Marketing … 3 (of 3)

Double Dip Marketing … 3 (of 3)

Yesterday we looked at the seismic shifts in brand thinking since the last Double Dip recession – firstly, brand is legitimate currency in the boardroom and in the sharp gaze of the CFO and financial analysts and secondly, the digital impact in 21st Century has meant that branding skills are lagging behind the needs of today’s brand.  21st Century brands belong to the customer not the company and the result of the Double Dip contagion of fear has caused inertia.

Here are 3 types of action that can help break that inertia quickly.

Change how you do what you do

  • organise around customer needs not your organisation’s needs
  • Celebrate the highs on your customer journeys – create small customer focussed teams from across the silos to reward customer experience
  • If you have too many agencies, all overlapping yet individual, pick a top team from across them to work with you directly & then let them manage the rest of their teams  – and pick only top talent (it’s unlikely they all work in same agency).
  • Have a “non exec member” on both teams – as your brand or customer’s eyes & ears.
  • Focus  – agree on 3 things you can do now and prioritise your effort there – don’t shave a little off all budgets so rendering them all ineffectual or spend too little of your time and try to do everything – be brutal in just 3, the 3 things that can ignite your loyal customer experience.

Recreate your brand story

  • Understand the customer’s view of your strengths – be concise to avoid misunderstanding & miscommunication – write it in a line, a paragraph & a page. That’s it. No more.
  • Not as an advertising idea or a website landing page…it needs to be a song of praise to your staff and customers – sung by your exuberant CEO
  • If fear is contagious, optimism is infectious – find the positive. Make a little movie for your intranet. Live up to the story.
  • Say it out loud a lot inside your company– spread the word to get it sharp – feed it into the top team from those agencies you’ve formed and let it seep out in your communications
  • Over-focus on the customers you have and not on your competitors. Communicate your strengths not their weaknesses. Don’t be defensive – that’s so last century. .
  • Stop debating and start that dialogue with your core customers and be crystal clear and open – publish the conversation and invite more to join in and engage.

Innovate at warp speed

  • Only use small learning environments and teams. Pick a small project to keep the learning close. Don’t put all your efforts into making one big bang.
  • Test out swiftly – digital allows you to innovate & tweak & measure & test & learn & move on again.
  • Use your new team(s) to spread the word internally and at the agencies about new ideas and trials so they feed in as well as spread the word – be optimistic as that can spread even more quickly than fear!
  • Crowd source ideas with your customers on a project. Open up a channel which shows them it’s their brand not yours.
  • Share regular updates  to your staff and your customers  – start your own public lab of ideas on a new website

There are many more actions you can take to break out of the inertia brought on by fear. Taking a few small, smart actions around your brand will unleash positive, creative energy inside your company and importantly with your customers.  Fast and frequent should guide you.

As Dale Carnegie says, go out and get busy.

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