21st Century Brands need a purpose to stay relevant

21st Century Brands need a purpose to stay relevant

Umair Haque of Havas Media neatly sums up what 21st Century Brands have to have in order to succeed

Where 20th Century branding was fixated on differentiation in a competitive positioning based battlefield. But in the hyper-connected 21st Century world the focus is on customer involvement.

The shift equates, says Haque, involves moving from differentiating to actually making a real difference to the customer – in human terms. Positive, optimistic, real differences will count.

Having a purpose.

Earning a role.

Living up to that role.

Recent research undertaken by Havas Media into Meaningful Brands shows that gobal customers are happy enough to dump 80% of the brands they use without much of a second thought.

That’s 80% of the brands they actually use not the hundreds of similar ones clamouring to be used.

It also shows that those brands that have a purpose – one that improves the lives of the customer or their communities or their/the world resonate strongly. This is more apparent in the emerging markets – which is where the future growth for all brands is coming from…

The analysis suggests that the next generation of brands will come from emerging economies. People in fast growing economies, such as Asian and Latin American markets, record a stronger and healthier relationship with brands. The proportion of brands making a notable positive contribution to our lives increases to around 30% in Latin America, compared to 8% in European markets, where people tend to be more sceptical and less engaged with brands. In the US it’s 5%.”

21st Century Branding is moving on. Is your brand ready, willing & able?


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