What can we learn from old & new media?

What can we learn from old & new media?

Great video from Brian Stelter on stage at the Mashable Media Summit.  Brian came to  New York Times from being (& still is) active on social media. He talks well on what lessons old media can learn from new media. It’s geared towards journalists learning to meet today’s needs for news.

Good tips about honesty and speed. Good encouragement to use online video to report.

Made me think what brand agencies can learn for 21st Century work

  • Do things fast – social speed – 10 weeks to execute…fail!
  • Trying stuff ahead of obtaining buy-in
  • Brands need honesty and creativity – more than process
  • Egos can get in the way creativity
  • Don’t self censor – don’t hold back…put things out there early and try
  • It’s important to learn before you teach (preach)

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