Marketing starts with a story

Marketing starts with a story

Some things never change. As everything gets faster and more urgent, there are some fundamentals all companies should focus on. One of those is the need for a story around which to have the dialogue with its customers and staff. Too often messages are created in isolation or as a reactive measure to new channels or competitor actions.

A good brand story should be persuasive so as to allow people to answer that fundamental question about a company – “why?” Why should I join that company? Why should I choose that product? Why is that service better for me that that one? Why is that brand more interesting that that one?

The are 4 strands to a great brand story


A story needs to be clear – so that it is understandable by those who hear it as much as by those who tell. The elevator speech, the CEO’s rallying call, the way a call centre responds to complaints, the advertising messages – whatever the channel – be it personal, traditional, digital or accidental.


However many ways a story gets delivered across all the internal & external channels for those inside or outside the organisation – the story must stay the same. Each telling of the story may be amended to suit those hearing or telling the story – but the storytelling should be crafted to create the desired response. Just as important is to stay the course. Too often companies get bored with the story or new people arrive to make their mark or competitors


The story must be based on the fundamental purpose that the company exists – that DNA reason why that makes the offer stand out. The story must ring true form the customer’s viewpoint as well as for all those key stakeholders from the company’s people, their partners, the analysts or regulators. Your people’s behaviours must deliver the story as much as your marketing messages


Make the story interesting, emotional, cut through – crafting to the story to a human level so it can touch the audience emotionally. Make the story connect to the audience so it shines through the clutter, rings true and is remembered. Can you write it in a sentence & a paragraph? Can you craft some dialogue for your people so that the story is easy and positive to tell? Check it out with some customers.

As good old Max Bygraves used to say…I wanna to tell you a story.



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